How Shopygo Helps Enterprise Clients with Online Store Solutions

Important of eCommerce Software
30 Jun

How Shopygo Helps Enterprise Clients with Online Store Solutions

An enterprise eCommerce platform is a software that serves the distinct needs of large enterprises such as a huge number of orders, multiple currencies, and different languages.

Luckily, there are eCommerce platforms available in the market that already know most of your needs and have solutions for them. Better still, we at Shopygo, even have new ideas for your business’s website that you may not have thought of.

Why Enterprises Need Purpose-Built eCommerce Software

Important of eCommerce Software

You may just keep using the basic shopping cart software you’ve always used, but it won’t work out in the long run. You wouldn’t host a wedding with 300 guests in your living room because you would not have enough room to keep things running smoothly for everyone. And expecting a regular platform to function the same way an enterprise eCommerce platform does isn’t practical.

Today’s consumers are savvy when it comes to shopping online; they expect personalized shopping experiences from every industry, B2C and B2B alike. With enterprise eCommerce, you’ll get more flexibility to customize and personalize the customer experiences you want your store to become known for.

Things like inventory management become difficult to manage manually. With advanced features like automation, business processes can be improved without overselling, understocking, or wasted time.

When evaluating eCommerce platforms, make sure they include the functionality to -

  • Manage multiple product categories from numerous stores for customers in various locations.
  • Track a buyer’s previous purchases and recommend other items based on their purchasing history.
  • Meet the high traffic demands of an enterprise-level business.
  • Add unlimited number of products and product variations, with no limits on online storage, bandwidth, site traffic, etc.

Your eCommerce software should also have the functionality to integrate effectively with the key systems your business uses (unless you are prepared to move from these as well). These may include your ERP, WMS, OMS, CRM, etc. With your eCommerce website integrated with these, you can manage your online store and connect with buyers from a central hub. When visitors approach your online shop and identify a product they like, they will register to place an order or browse further. When integrated, the visitor details like demographic data and browsing history immediately move to your CRM, thus eliminating the need for manual entry.

Shopygo’s Solution for Enterprise eCommerce

Best solution for eCommerce

Shopygo offers most of the essential features that are required by large businesses that including wholesale and retail pricing, pricing overrides, maximum order quantity, customized enquiry generation forms, personalized checkouts and invoicing, bulk order processing, etc.

But with all the numerous e-commerce platforms on the market today, what makes Shopygo’s Enterprise solution truly stand out? Read on to get a better understanding of what this software has in store for enterprises.

Shopygo offers 200+ inbuilt features to manage large scale businesses efficiently. And the cherry on the top is that you do not need any additional plugins and apps for the advanced functionalities in your online store. Along with the business features, our enterprise eCommerce solution has an extensive range of marketing tools and features to optimize your brand marketing, online traffic, sales, and conversions.

The platform also integrates seamlessly with third-party software like CRM/ERP/mass mailing along with the payment gateways and shipping solutions to provide sophisticated data and information about your buyers and their digital shopping journeys. You can use this data to strengthen your marketing initiatives, fine-tune your online store, and build even better customer journeys in the future.

With Shopygo, you can create product search filters and personalize the experience based on the suggestions provided by your website. There’s support for up to 400 API calls per second, so you have absolutely no issue syncing larger product catalogues fast.

It is a fact that many customers leave their carts undone because it’s too complicated and asks them to do many steps to get their orders finished. The more time customers have to think over a purchase, the more likely they drop the cart. Shopygo's One-step checkout simplifies the checkout process of your eCommerce store. It’s one of the most effective technical changes Shopygo offers you to reduce your abandoned cart rate.

Apart from these, you will also get a personal, dedicated account manager who will provide training, onboarding assistance, demonstrations for your team, and priority technical support.

We rundown the main point: Shopify pricing.

The Enterprise plan is the bread-and-butter option from Shopygo. It is a breath of fresh air in today’s world of eCommerce platforms, as we do not charge the exorbitant placement fees charged by other platforms like Shopify. You'll also get the same features, with some exceptions that you might not be able to find on Shopify.

Final Thoughts

Shopygo’s eCommerce solutions have the potential to boost your business by leaps and bounds. It is a platform that enhances the entire customer experience, not just the sales performance.

The most striking difference between Shopygo and other big platforms out there is that you get limitless customization in Shopygo to flex your brand. Evolve faster with a customizable platform that evolves as fast as you do.

Not all eCommerce platforms are created equally. Some offer a “lite” software, providing an affordable tool at the expense of business-critical features. While others come at an expensive price, providing clunky features and a confusing user experience. You have to pick out which one your company would benefit from the most.

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