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SQL Server

We deliver Microsoft SQL Server database support in the UAE and international customer base. Our pro-active support services are flexible and configurable for different customer needs.

Apart from regular support we offer on-demand and on-call support services which helps businesses to function without any hindrance in the absence of their primary DBA or any unexpected issues in the database system.

Our Key Features:

  • DBA Support packages based on customer needs
  • Flexible DBA support
  • Proactive Database Monitoring
  • Database Health Check
  • Database Capacity Planning
  • Database High Availability and Scalability
  • 24/7, 365 days DBA Support
  • Hourly basis Database Support
  • Onsite and Offshore Database support Services
  • Dedicated DBA Resources
  • Certified and Experienced Database Administrators
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SQL Server installation and set up

Our SQLServer database experts have done hundreds of installations and set up flawlessly with proper analysis and capacity planning. We provide server setup, disk configuration recommendations and perform installation including all required components.

Configuring database based on current business requirements and future growth estimation is very important. It always helps to keep high performance and less maintenance in the database environment. Our DBAs are experts in understanding the customer needs and design the database considering future extensions with proper analysis and estimation.

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SQL Server database backup

We configure database backup and recovery set up for each database we install or manage to ensure the safety and sustainability of databases at any unforeseen incidents of failures. The backup strategy is optimally designed to minimize the data loss.

In any database environment the disaster recovery is completely depend on the frequency and quality of database backup. Our DBAs always give high importance to the backup configuration and monitoring it continuously to make sure we have healthy backup files at any point of time.

SQL Server database performance tuning

As your business grows it is essential to analyze the performance of your databases periodically and fine tune it which helps to improve the efficiency and response of your database. Our DBAs are well talented in performance tuning and implementing best practices which lead to better database performance.

Unlike the regular database activities performance tuning requires high analytical skills and good experience working in challenging environments. We have a team of DBAs who are experts in performance tuning and worked on many projects with database systems having complicated designs and various performance issues.

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SQL Server security

Our DBAs always give high importance to protect customer data from any corruption, theft or leak. Our preventive SQLServer database security services include Security assessments including SQL server health checks, database auditing and monitoring, data protection and Data Access control.

SQL Server upgrade

Database upgrades enable your database system to use more enhanced database features and ensure much better database performance and stronger security. Our DBAs perform proper planning, testing and pre-upgrade/post-upgrade performance analysis for each database upgrade we handle.

Before each upgrade we prepare detailed documentation explaining the process and tests performed in the lab environments and make the customer aware of what benefits we are gaining out of each database upgrade.

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SQL Server migration

We have performed many database migrations from other database management systems like Oracle, DB2 , MySQL to SQLServer with minimal system outage. We have a team of DBAs who are database migration experts.

Our DBAs handle end-to-end migration projects that includes installation and configuration of the target database systems, proper backup of the source systems, data migration strategies which involves very less database outage, detailed testing and readiness check, post migration monitoring etc.

Remote and Onsite DBA support

We treat each client and their environment uniquely, hence the support packages are tailored to each environment based on it’s type, size of databases, and criticality of business. Our remote support team has well-talented Database Administrators who can interact with the customers and their development team online to understand their requirements and expectations. Our flexible DBA resources are available 24/7 to support customer databases. The remote support services save the cost and other resources to the business.

We have a team of certified database administrators who can support our customers on-site. Based on customer demands we provide dedicated DBA resources to work from the customer's office. We offer flexible, reliable, and affordable DBA Support solutions and are always keen to deliver high performance.

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Weekend Support

Let your resources spend their weekends with no worries. We take care of all your database maintenance activities and problems during the weekends. Most of the business would prefer their Database maintenance to be scheduled over the weekend as they don't want their end customers to face an outage on weekdays. We take care of all database maintenance activities and unexpected errors or problems during the weekends. Our Database experts take ownership of end-to-end maintenance activities and deliver the environment healthy within the maintenance window.

Holiday and Sickness Cover

Are you worried about your databases in the absence of your Primary DBA? Maybe on their holidays, Sickness, or even travel due to an emergency? We are here to help you. We provide remote and on-site holiday and sickness cover as we never let you compromise on the availability, performance, and scalability of your databases on a planned or unplanned absence of your DBA resources.

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On-Call DBA Support

Do you need a Database expert only during any problems or errors? Here you go...

We provide unique support to our customers to help them keep their systems available seamlessly. Our on-call Database Support team can respond to customer queries and calls and jump on to their problems before they impact their business. The database experts analyze and figure out the issues faster and troubleshoot quickly to restore the database back functional.

Regular and On-demand DBA Support

Apart from the regular database support where our DBAs take care of day-to-day database activities like backup, health check, user maintenance, development support along with maintenance activities like patching, upgrade, etc, we provide on-demand database support where the DBA resources will be provided based on customer requirements. This will be useful for those customers who may not need a dedicated DBA resource to handle their regular activities and development support but need the assistance of an experienced core-DBA who can help, plan and implement new features and perform maintenance activities like database patching, upgrade, and migration.

Our DBA's are experienced and proficient in analyzing databases for the need of maintenance and expansion. It is important to have better capacity planning and proper estimation of database expansions and maintenance which help business avoid a last-minute surprise that ends in financial loss.Customized project support Not all customers need the same level of database support, it entirely depends on their domain of operation, criticality of the environment, and the budget allocated from the business. Our team closely works with customers to understand these factors and provide support packages accordingly. We do take care of end-to-end database projects

which include various activities.

  • Database Capacity Planning
  • Estimation of Project time and resources
  • Pre-installation/Readiness check
  • Installation and configuration of Database environments
  • Configure Backup and Disaster Recovery strategies
  • Implement proactive database health check and monitoring processes
  • Implement Data Guard and Goldengate Replication techniques as needed.
  • Plan and execute database maintenance activities with very less or zero downtime
  • Implement Database security features
  • Apply Database patches
  • Clone the database for development and testing purposes
  • Manage database users, profiles, and roles.
  • Handle the object level or Database level modification or installation requests from the development teams.
  • Troubleshoot any problems or bugs reported by the users or those captured by the monitoring processes
  • Analyze the database growth periodically and discuss the need for expansion with the stakeholders
  • Keep the database performance up by fine-tuning the queries and the database parameters as required.
  • Upgrade the databases to higher versions to support new features and better performance
  • Thoroughly test the database performance on the newer version or platform before each upgrade and migration.
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