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Oracle Database

Database is one of the integral elements of any business which requires storage and processing of data. The proper design, configuration, functionality, and maintenance reflect high productivity, hence it is necessary to understand the business, applications and the environments before the database design and configuration. Streetbell merges skills and experiences of it’s associates who are experts in database administration for many years. We provide complete database solutions for multiple business needs. Our database experts are extremely talented in analyzing the business and providing solutions best suited for the business and budget with a range of services. The way of planning and execution of projects and interactions with clients make us unique among other database support service providers.

Our Key Features:

  • End-to-end Database Administration
  • DBA Support packages based on customer needs
  • Flexible DBA support
  • Proactive Database Monitoring
  • Database Health Check
  • Database Capacity Planning
  • Database High Availability and Scalability
  • 24/7, 365 days DBA Support
  • Hourly basis Database Support
  • Onsite and Offshore Database support Services
  • Dedicated DBA Resources
  • Certified and Experienced Database Administrators
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Remote and Onsite DBA support

We treat each client and their environment uniquely, hence the support packages are tailored to each environment based on it’s type, size of databases, and criticality of business. Our remote support team has well-talented Database Administrators who can interact with the customers and their development team online to understand their requirements and expectations. Our flexible DBA resources are available 24/7 to support customer databases. The remote support services save the cost and other resources to the business.

We have a team of certified database administrators who can support our customers on-site. Based on customer demands we provide dedicated DBA resources to work from the customer's office. We offer flexible, reliable, and affordable DBA Support solutions and are always keen to deliver high performance.

Weekend Support

Let your resources spend their weekends with no worries. We take care of all your database maintenance activities and problems during the weekends. Most of the business would prefer their Database maintenance to be scheduled over the weekend as they don't want their end customers to face an outage on weekdays. We take care of all database maintenance activities and unexpected errors or problems during the weekends. Our Database experts take ownership of end-to-end maintenance activities and deliver the environment healthy within the maintenance window.

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Holiday and Sickness Cover

Are you worried about your databases in the absence of your Primary DBA? Maybe on their holidays, Sickness, or even travel due to an emergency? We are here to help you. We provide remote and on-site holiday and sickness cover as we never let you compromise on the availability, performance, and scalability of your databases on a planned or unplanned absence of your DBA resources.

On-Call DBA Support

Do you need a Database expert only during any problems or errors? Here you go...

We provide unique support to our customers to help them keep their systems available seamlessly. Our on-call Database Support team can respond to customer queries and calls and jump on to their problems before they impact their business. The database experts analyze and figure out the issues faster and troubleshoot quickly to restore the database back functional.

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Regular and On-demand DBA Support

Apart from the regular database support where our DBAs take care of day-to-day database activities like backup, health check, user maintenance, development support along with maintenance activities like patching, upgrade, etc, we provide on-demand database support where the DBA resources will be provided based on customer requirements. This will be useful for those customers who may not need a dedicated DBA resource to handle their regular activities and development support but need the assistance of an experienced core-DBA who can help, plan and implement new features and perform maintenance activities like database patching, upgrade, and migration.

Our DBA's are experienced and proficient in analyzing databases for the need of maintenance and expansion. It is important to have better capacity planning and proper estimation of database expansions and maintenance which help business avoid a last-minute surprise that ends in financial loss.

Customized project support

Not all customers need the same level of database support, it entirely depends on their domain of operation, criticality of the environment, and the budget allocated from the business. Our team closely works with customers to understand these factors and provide support packages accordingly. We do take care of end-to-end database projects which include various activities.

  • Database Capacity Planning
  • Estimation of Project time and resources
  • Pre-installation/Readiness check
  • Installation and configuration of Database environments
  • Configure Backup and Disaster Recovery strategies
  • Implement proactive database health check and monitoring processes
  • Implement Data Guard and Goldengate Replication techniques as needed
  • Plan and execute database maintenance activities with very less or zero downtime
  • Implement Database security features
  • Apply Database patches
  • Clone the database for development and testing purposes
  • Manage database users, profiles, and roles
  • Handle the object level or Database level modification or installation requests from the development teams
  • Troubleshoot any problems or bugs reported by the users or those captured by the monitoring processes
  • Analyze the database growth periodically and discuss the need for expansion with the stakeholders
  • Keep the database performance up by fine-tuning the queries and the database parameters as required
  • Upgrade the databases to higher versions to support new features and better performance
  • Thoroughly test the database performance on the newer version or platform before each upgrade and migration
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Database Installation and Configuration

Our database experts have vast experience in installation and configuration of database environments. We do proper estimations and prerequisites checks before the installation which helps to carry out the entire process with no interruption and configure the environment flawlessly.

Key features

  • Proper estimation of resources and other prerequisites before installation
  • Installation of Standalone and RAC database environments on different versions (Oracle 10g, 11g, 12c, 18c and 19c)
  • Installation and configuration of Grid infrastructure and OEM including 12c, 13c and 18c versions
  • Configuring RMAN Backup for the database and Datapump for the object/schema level recovery
  • Implement Database monitoring processes using OEM, shell scripting and other monitoring tools
  • Implementation of Oracle Active Dataguard and Switchover/Failover methods for Disaster Recovery
  • Implementation of Oracle Goldengate Replication
  • Complete Documentation of installation activities, software and hardware resources used.

Database Health Check

Poor database health results in degraded database performance which could become a big cause of concern for the business. A flawless health check and monitoring process can constantly evaluate the database health and performance to foresee any issues which may occur in the near future.

Our database health check processes are not limited to

  • Identifying the performance bottleneck
  • Run through the database/grid alert logs for any warnings and errors
  • Check database security breaches and user audit
  • Verifying the status of recent backups and validate the backup files
  • Assess CPU and memory usages
  • Analyzing the storage physical and logical i/o
  • Monitor the database growth and increase the space as required
  • Check the status of Dataguard and make sure the Disaster recovery database is synchronized with Primary
  • Check the heart beat of Goldengate replication
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Database Patching and Upgrades

Database Patching and upgrades are the ways to keep the database safe from the bugs and security issues. Oracle releases patches in every quarter which include the fixes for all the bugs reported till the time and the updates to major features for the better performance.

Our DBAs have profound knowledge and immense experience in performing database patching activities. We thoroughly test the entire activity in a test lab environment to assure the consistent database performance post patching. The entire process is completed without any outage to the database or any customer impact with the help of database high availability features.

Apart from the bug fixes, upgrades introduce new features to the databases. We have a team of DBA specialists who have performed hundreds of upgrade activities between various versions and environments flawlessly.

Upgrades impose more responsibilities on a DBA based on criticality of the database environment and the business. Our DBA’s are experts in upgrading the databases with very less or even zero downtime.

Our team always frames a strong recovery/backout plan and gets it tested thoroughly before performing each patching and upgrade activities so that the primary database system is not affected by any unexpected issues.

Database Migrations

Most commonly a business decides on database migration during introduction of a new datacenter, a new database technology or a new operating system platform. As most of the database migrations are associated with some changes in resources and environments, it is necessary to test the database functionality and performance on the new system or environment where the database is getting migrated to.

Our DBAs are masters in identifying the environmental and functional requirements before migrating the databases to a new environment. We have a team of database migration experts who can

  • Migrate databases from Oracle to other databases
  • Migrate databases from other databases to Oracle
  • Migrate database from one datacenter to the other
  • Migrate database from one OS platform to another
  • Migrate database from a standalone environment to a highly available RAC environment

One of the key features of our migration process is the complete activity which includes planning, preparation, testing, migrating, post migration monitoring are carried out with zero down time and no customer impact. Our DBAs use the combination of database high availability features and replication techniques to achieve this.

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Database Backup and Disaster Recovery

The quality of backup and disaster recovery strategies explain how prepared we are to safeguard our databases and business from a data loss caused by an unexpected failure or malfunction. Our DBAs use both Oracle inbuilt backup tools like RMAN and other external backup methods based on the operating system files. We decide and configure the frequency of the backup based on how transactional the databases are. Apart from regular health checks our DBAs monitor the backup status and validity and usability of backup files every time a backup process is initiated and completed.

The Disaster recovery strategy is completely based on the criticality of the database environment and the nature of business. Our DBAs are proficient in handling various disaster recovery methods using Oracle active data guard and goldengate replication.

Database Replication

Database replication is one of the effective ways to keep the database ready to handle any failure caused by human or system error. A failure can happen at the object level or database level. The replication supports both the object and database level synchronization of data and structure which enables the system to be robust during any unexpected failures.

We have a team of DBA experts who are Subject matter experts in the replication techniques like Goldengate and shareplex. We do the complete installation, configuration, testing, synchronization with no down time to the primary database. We have strong monitoring processes to check the replication heartbeat at regular intervals and troubleshoot any errors or synchronization issues.

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Database Security

Database security plays a vital role in keeping the database safe from the risk of data breach and losing the customer trust. Our DBAs always give high importance to protect customer data from any corruption, theft or leak. We use various Access controls using a number of authentication methods apart from database encryption and backup.

Database performance tuning

The database performance is the key factor every business would expect the most out of any database system, hence it is one of the critical tasks of a DBA to keep the database performing well all the time. There are a number of factors which could lead to database performance degradation. These include inadequate resources, poor configuration or resource planning, concurrent data modifications, bad queries, improper use of database parameters, data fragmentation etc.

Our DBAs have excellent performance tuning skills gained from many years of experience dealing with various environments. We constantly monitor the performance by checking resource contention, various wait events, CPU and memory utilization etc and diagnose the performance issues with the help of various reports generated from the database using AWR (Automatic Workload Repository), ASH (Active Session History) and provide prompt and effective solutions to improve the performance. Apart from troubleshooting the existing performance issues we provide suggestions and best practices to keep the database system away from any issues in the future.

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Database cloning and Refresh

Testing an application or functionality on a live production database is not at all a feasible option for any developer or tester. The requirement of database refresh or cloning come into picture in such scenarios where the tester needs the exact production database to be copied to a test or lab environment. Our DBAs support all the cloning and refresh activities with the help of various backup and recovery methods without causing any impact on the production database.

Once all the processes are completed we bring the test environment back to the previous position using backup or Guaranteed Restore Point (GRP).

Development and Application DBA Support

Apart from regular and core-DBA support our DBAs provide development and application dba support where they work closely with the development/application team to create or modify database objects and help them troubleshoot any object or user related issues arising during development or testing phase.

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