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Farmerz Choice - Fish Amino Acid Home Made (250 Ml)

Rs. 197 /250ml


About the item

"FARMER'S CHOICE Fish Amino Acid (FAA) is a 100% organic HOME MADE product which acts as GROWTH BOOSTER for all types of plants. Good for Terrace gardening and all type of farming etc. "Measuring cup free Can apply in all types of plants except some sensitive creeper plants like (Long Cowpea (Payar), bitter gourd (Pavaykka), Cucumber (Vellarikka), Snake Gourd (Padvalam) etc. that are having very soft stem. Also please do not use for small seedlings. Usage: Take one empty mineral water bottle and fill it with water and add only 3 to 5 ML FAA. Apply only once in every 7 days. Please don't over use as it may spoil the plant.You can apply this to Soil or to the Leaves of the Plant. If you take a bucket of water only spray few drops and mix it well for one minute till you get a pale yellow colour of water. If the mixed water is in dark brown add more water to dilute it. Best product for those who need QUICK RESULT and who are tired of using other products that are available in market. No need to spend more on fertilizers as you will be using only 3 to 5 ML for one litre of water.

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