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Pothichoru (Veg) - 5 pack

Rs. 500 /5 packs


About the item

Pothichor : Pothi (pack/wrap using semi-burnt banana leaf) and chor (rice). It is a simple and natural way of packing lunch and the burnt banana leaf adds a awesome flavor to the dishes inside. For someone who lives and works in Kerala, the pothichor is a quintessential part of his/her life during the lunch time. As usual, Mothers usually pack lunch in Pothichor. It's a daily thing, and it's been the traditional practice for ages. If you are one among those, then Pothichor is "Nostalgia packed for lunch"! For the non-malayalees, if you haven't tried pothichor once, then we invite you to explore this traditional and very healthy meal. 1. Chamba Rice 2. Thoran 3. Thenga Chammanthi 4. Mango Achar 5. Mezhukku Piratti 6. Naranga Achar 7. Pachadi 8. Rasam or Pulissery or Moru Curry 9. Sambar

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