Mera Dog Junior 2- 4KG

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Meradog Junior 2 – Extremely tasty, wheat-free dog food for rearing healthy puppies. Complete food for large breeds from month 6 to the end of the growth period. Wheat-free dog food formula 24 % protein / 12 % fat With 2-Phase concept and Meradog careconcept With reduced protein content With high-quality shellfish meat powder and salmon oil With prebiotic inulin and beta-glucans 100% “Made in Germany” Produced to foodstuff standards with green electricity – CO2 neutral No colourants or preservatives 2-Phase concept The Meradog 2-phase concept provides dogs with a very high protein content during the most important part of the growth phase with Junior 1, greatly assisting the development of organs, muscles, tendons and joints. From the 6th month onward, Junior 2 provides a reduced protein content for large breeds (final weight > 40 kg) since large breeds grow at a significantly slower rate from this age onward and, what is particularly important, they grow for longer. For this reason Meradog has developed two different Junior products. Junior 1 for small and medium breeds up to the end of the growth phase and for large breeds until the end of the 5th month. Junior 2 for large breeds from the 6th month onward until the end of the growth period.

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Rs. 1742.5 /4KG

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