Mera Dog Breeder Puppy 15kg

Venad Trading Co.

High-quality dry dog food with 28,5% protein and 14,5% fat: Optimum puppy rearing food for the first 12 months. Suitable for pregnant and lactating bitches Larger packaging sizes perfect for breeders With salmon oil & sunflower oil 100% made in Germany Without colourants - without preservatives Packaging sizes: 15kg Healthy food which dogs love!Natural dog food by Meradog is delicious and easy to digest Composition MERADOG Breeder Puppy: Cereals, meat and animal derivatives, oils and fats (including salmon oil 0.4%, sunflower oil 0.3%), vegetable protein extracts, vegetable products (including chicory powder, inulin = 0.1%), seeds (1.5% flaxseed), yeast, eggs and egg products, minerals Feeding instructions Meradog Breeder Puppy Prestart dog food: Meradog Softdiner is generally fed dry. Make sure that your dog has a constant supply of fresh water. The recommended details are only approximate values per day and must be adapted to suit outside influences and the dog's dispositions.

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Rs. 4000 /15kg

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