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Healthy food which dogs like. Feeding high-activity dogs the right way Extremely tasty, wheat-free dog food. For fully-grown, high-performance dogs. With careconcept - creates 360 degrees of total satisfaction. *Wheat-free dog food formula *29 % protein / 19,5 % fat *With With OdorStop formula and Meradog careconcept *Ideal for meeting increased energy requirements *With high quality protein sources *L-Carnitine supports fat and energy metabolism *100% "Made in Germany" *Produced to foodstuff standards with green electricity - CO2 neutral *No colourants or preservatives

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Rs. 4400 /12.5KG

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Mera dog junior 2 12.5kg

Rs. 4160 /12.5KG 5200

Farmina n and d lg chicken and pomegranate puppy maxi-dog food 12 kgs

Rs. 4944 /12 kg 6180

Farmina n and d lg chicken and pomegranate starter puppy-dog food 2.5kg

Rs. 1320 /2.5KG 1650

Mera dog junior 2- 4kg

Rs. 1520 /4KG 1900

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